Arts and Humanities Department


Jonathan Neptune
Instructional Services Manager, (541) 506-6031

Department Chair

Elizabeth Anderson

From ancient times to the present day, people have raised fundamental questions about life through the arts and humanities. By studying the world's cultures, students expand their horizons and prepare themselves for an increasingly multicultural world. Through rigorous exploration of complex philosophical arguments, students move beyond their own assumptions toward a deeper understanding of human life and its perplexities. And discovery in the arts helps students open their imaginations to fresh perspectives on the world.


Students will learn how art has influenced different cultures in time. They will be able to take different courses to sharpen their art skills in different mediums.


Students are able to choose from courses that are designed for both serious music study and personal enrichment.


Students will learn what it means to be happy, how to act morally or find meaning and purpose in your life

Theatre Arts

Students will have the choice to study theatre throughout history and/or be given the chance to work on their performance and production skills.


Course Name Credits
ART 102 Understanding the Visual Arts 4
ART 211 Modern Art History:19th Century Art in Europe & America 4
ART 212 Modern Art History: Early 20th Century Art 4
ART 230 Drawing I 3
ART 232 Drawing II - Studio 3
ART 252 Ceramics I 3
ART 254 Ceramics II - Studio 3
ART 269 Printmaking I 3
ART 271 Printmaking II - Studio 3
ART 280 Painting Basics 3
ART 286 Watercolor I 3
ART 287 Watercolor II - Studio 3
MUC 123 Electronic Media I 2
MUC 124 Electronic Media II 2
MUS 105 Music Appreciation 3
MUS 108 Music Cultures of the World 3
MUS 110 Fundamentals of Music 4
MUS 191 Guitar I 2
PHL 201 Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophical Problems 4
PHL 202 Introduction to Philosophy: Elementary Ethics 4
PHL 204 Philosophy of Religion 4
TA 101 Theatre Appreciation 4
TA 111 Fundamentals of Technical Theatre 4
TA 141 Fundamentals of Acting Techniques 4
TA 144 Improvisational Theatre 3
TA 148 Movement for the Stage 3
TA 180A Theater Rehearsal and Performance 1
TA 180B Theater Rehearsal and Performance 2
TA 180C Theater Rehearsal and Performance 3
TA 180D Theater Rehearsal and Performance 4
TA 274 Theatre History 4
Namesort descending Title Email Phone
Elizabeth Anderson Elizabeth Anderson Art (Drawing/Watercolor) Instructor , Arts & Humanities Department Chair
PK Hoffman P. K. Hoffman Art Instructor (Ceramics/Sculpture) (541) 506-6000
Raymond Kempf Raymond Kempf Philosophy Instructor
Abby Merickel Abby Merickel Art & Reading Instructor
Mark Steighner Headshot Mark Steighner Music Instructor
Jeff Stewart Jeff Stewart Art Instructor (541) 506-6000