Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts courses are dedicated to developing the curiosity and creativity of both new and more experienced students. We integrate the study of theatre history, dramatic literature, theory, and aesthetic concepts with the development of practical skills in acting, performance and theatre production.

What you can gain from theatre arts courses

  • Prepare for professional careers in theatre and related entertainment fields
  • Pursue humanities and fine arts electives for general studies
  • Explore personal creativity in a safe, classroom environment
  • Perform in co-productions with community theatres in The Dalles and Hood River
  • Cultivate critical skills as an audience member


Course Name Credits
TA 101 Theatre Appreciation 4
TA 111 Fundamentals of Technical Theatre 4
TA 141 Fundamentals of Acting Techniques 4
TA 144 Improvisational Theatre 3
TA 148 Movement for the Stage 3
TA 180A Theater Rehearsal and Performance 1
TA 180B Theater Rehearsal and Performance 2
TA 180C Theater Rehearsal and Performance 3
TA 180D Theater Rehearsal and Performance 4
TA 274 Theatre History 4

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