Inclement Weather Procedures

During severe weather events, it is possible that classes will be cancelled or the College will close. There are a few different scenarios that are possible which are explained below.

The College will post closure/cancellation information on the official college website, Facebook, Twitter and Flash Alerts. You can also call the main college phone line (541) 506-6000, or Student Services at (541) 506-6011 in the Dalles or (541) 308-8211 in Hood River for any closure/cancellation information.

Classes Cancelled

This would relate only to classes that meet in-person on The Dalles or Hood River Indian Creek Campus. It is possible that classes on only one campus would be cancelled and this would be explained in the alert message. Online classes will continue to run as normal unless the instructor has notified the students otherwise. College campuses and offices will remain open for normal business hours, unless otherwise noted.

Example: Classes cancelled in The Dalles and Hood River, college offices open.

Delayed Opening

When the college has a delayed opening, all in-person classes that have a start time BEFORE the delayed opening time will be cancelled. If your class is cancelled, please see above for more information on cancelled classes. College campuses and offices will be closed until the delayed start time.

Example: The College is on a 2 hour delay, campuses will open at 10 am.

Campus Closure

During severe events, the College will close campus(es) and all in-person classes are cancelled (see above for more information on cancelled classes) and all college offices are closed.

Example: The Dalles and Hood River campuses are closed due to severe weather.