Institutional Research

Using quantitative and qualitative methods, the Office of Institutional Research provides quality information and analysis services in a timely manner to advance a culture of inquiry and continuous improvement.

We actively support the college’s mission and goals by assisting with:

  • College wide planning and decision-making
  • Accreditation and assessment activities
  • Coordinating the submission of required reports to external agencies and organizations

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Data Request Form

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Please allow ten business days for most requests.

Please describe the reason you are making this request or how the data will be used (e.g. internal use, grant support, report, etc.).
Please provide a detailed description of the data or research requested. Include any selection criteria (e.g. First-year students, RET majors, etc.), as well as terms (e.g. Fall 2009, academic year 2010-11, etc.). Describe the desired format of the data and/or any desired grouping or sorting (e.g. sort by ethnicity).
Please allow ten business days for most requests.