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Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Materials you can use for free.

Using Copyrighted Resources

Get help from the library on identifying when you can and can't use copyrighted materials for your class.

Plans and Manuals

Quality Matters Procedure Manual
Writing Objectives PB&J Method
Writing Objectives ABCD Method
Regular and Substantive Interaction
Course Mapping Resources

Quality Assessment

Technology Tools


Interactive Accessibility Tutorials

Using Ally


How to Make Documents Accessible



Moodle complies with major international standards in the area of accessibility, including XHTML Strict 1.0. More information


Using Publisher Materials

Quality Matters

Quality Matters has a helpful resource about accessibility. There is no cost but you will need a QM account to access the site.

Urkund Accessibility Report


The WAVE tool is useful to check Moodle or other webpages for accessibility.


Videos on the CGCC YouTube site are automatically captioned. In addition, the college is improving the verbiage via a captioning service.


CGCC Online (Moodle)

Technical tutoring is available, as well as an online training course and Quality Matters reviews for new online instructors. Advanced training is available in course design through Quality Matters. Please contact Paula Ascher for details.

Books on Moodle

There are more books and ebooks on Moodle in the Sage Catalog.

Classroom Technologies

Podiums systems Video are available in most classrooms with an integrated system that includes a computer, projector, screen, interactive whiteboard monitor (Starboard), document camera, and DVD player.

Gamification of Online/Hybrid Classes

Plagiarism Detection 

Introduction to Urkund Plagiarism Detection Software

Video Production


Zoom allows you to set up meetings and desktop sharing. To learn how to use Zoom, the Getting Started page is a good place to begin. You can take free live trainingwatch recorded trainings, and/or view short video tutorials.