Online / Hybrid Classes Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my online class?

How do I get help with online or hybrid classes?

Contact the Helpdesk, (541) 506-6007.

What are the computer system requirements?

To participate in online and hybrid courses, students are expected to have access to the following equipment:


  • A modern computer system with a supported operating system.
  • An Internet connection 0.50 Mbps or better recommended. Test your connection.
  • An Internet browser.

Other Software

  • An email account and word processing software.
  • A sound card and speakers are required for some courses.
  • Current virus software installed and kept up to date.
  • Some classes may have specific class requirements for additional software.

What is Moodle?

CGCC Online is a Web-based learning management system called Moodle. It is used in online, hybrid and Web component classes.

Where can I access my CGCC Online class on campus?

The library in Building 1 at The Dalles Campus or the commons area at the Hood River - Indian Creek Campus.