Gorge Scholars


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Gorge Scholars is a tuition waiver program available to eligible high school graduates. Gorge Scholars receive full tuition waivers for up to eighteen credits per term, for up to two years. (books, fees and miscellaneous expenses are not included) Columbia Gorge Community College is commited to offering Gorge Scholar tuition waivers for at least two years, but reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Priority will be given to students that will graduate from a high school within CGCC's service area or be a registered home school student living within the service area of an eligible high school.
  • Have earned a cumulative, unweighted high school GPA of 3.30 or better. (Homeschooled students must earn a minimum composite ACT score of 27 or SAT combined score of 1200.)
  • Earn the required minimum scores on CGCC's placement test or equivalent:
    • Placement into "No Reading Required," or successful completion of RD 115 (with a grade of "C" or better)
    • Placement into WR 121 or successful completion of WR 115 (with a grade of "C" or better)
    • Placement into MTH 95 or successful completion of MTH 65 (with a grade of "C" or better)
  • Enroll full time (12-18) credits at CGCC in fall term immediately following high school graduation or diploma completion. Graduates who join the military within three months of graduating will retain eligibility so long as they enroll at CGCC within six months of being discharged.

Maintain Eligiblity

Students maintain eligibility for up to two years and can receive the tuition waiver by:

  • Continuously enrolling (fall, winter and spring terms) in at least 12 credits; and
  • Maintaining a CGCC GPA of 3.25 or better by the the end of the academic year.
  • Participate in the CGCC Gorge Scholars program. Gorge Scholars requirements include, but are not limited to: lead campus tours, assist at new student days and other student activities, help the CGCC high school outreach team, and other student engagement needs. This program has a Gorge Scholars advisor who is available throughout your timein the program and there will be a leadership training during the summer. This program is a great way to become involved on campus, meet new people, while helping prospective and new students. 


  • Apply for admission to CGCC online at www.cgcc.edu/admissions. Your CGCC ID# will be provided during this process.
  • Gorge Scholars applications can be returned by mail, email, fax, or placed in the drop boxes on The Dalles campus.
  • Please see the application for more details. 

2022-23 Gorge Scholars Application


Are classes I take in summer term covered by my Gorge Scholars waiver?

The summer prior to your first fall term is not covered. However, you may take up to 18 credits during summer term between your first and second year in the Gorge Scholars program.

Can my AP, CLEP, or other non-traditional credit be used in place of equivalent eligibility requirements?

Yes, provided you have completed the non-traditional credit process, and those classes are transcripted.

I am a veteran. How do I verify my military service?

Provide a DD-214 with your application.

I am earning a modified high school diploma, am I eligible?

No, students must earn a regular high school (or home school) diploma to be eligible.

I graduate in June; may I apply now?

Yes. Submit your completed application as soon as possible. Up to 12 applicants who have submitted applications will be awarded. Even if you have not yet graduated, you may submit transcripts from the most recent term you completed.

I graduated last year, am I eligible?

No. Eligibility is not retroactive. You must enroll in the program in the fall term immediately following completion of high school.

I have a 3.29 or 3.299 cumulative GPA, am I eligible?

The GPA threshold for eligibility is 3.30. Because 3.299 rounded to the nearest 100th decimal point is 3.30, 3.299 meets the requirement. A 3.29 GPA does not meet the requirement.

May I repeat a course without penalty?

Yes. Your Gorge Scholars waiver may be used to cover a repeated class. Check with your advisor for degree requirements. Additionally, if you are receiving federal financial aid, repeating a course may have an impact on your financial aid status.

What GPA is used to determine my continued eligibility in the program?

You must maintain a cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.25 or above to remain in the program. For example, if you finish any term with a cumulative GPA below 3.25, you will become ineligible for Gorge Scholars waivers in future terms.

When may I apply?

The Gorge Scholars application becomes available early each Spring. Contact Student Services for specifics each year at studentservices@cgcc.edu.

Which high schools are eligible?

Eligible students must graduate from one of the following high schools, or be home school students living in an area serviced by those schools. 




Arlington High School Arlington OR
Bickleton School Bickleton WA
Columbia High School White Salmon WA
Condon High School Condon OR
Dufur High School Dufur OR
Glenwood High School Glenwood WA
Goldendale Christian School Goldendale WA
Goldendale High School Goldendale WA
Hood River Valley High School Hood River OR
Horizon Christian School Hood River OR
Klickitat High School Klickitat WA
Lyle Jr-Sr High School Lyle WA
Mitchell High School Mitchell OR
Sherman County High School Moro OR
Sonrise Academy The Dalles OR
South Wasco County Jr-Sr High School Maupin OR
Spray High School Spray OR
Stevenson High School Stevenson WA
The Dalles Wahtonka High School The Dalles OR
Trout Lake High School Trout Lake WA
Wheeler High School Fossil OR
Wishram High School Wishram WA