Student Forms

Completed forms should be returned to the Columbia Gorge Community College Student Services Office unless otherwise noted on the specific form.


Admissions & Registration Forms


This is a paper version of online admissions. Most students should use the online admissions system.

Admissions Under 16

This is for students under 16 years of age seeking admission, except those participating through College Now, Expanded Options, Running Start or a similar high-school program.

Late Registration
(adding a class late)

For adding a credit class to your schedule after the free add/drop period for the class has ended.

Non-Credit Registration

The paper version of our online Community Education/non-credit class registration. Please note that payment for Community Education classes must be made at the time of registration.

Appeals and Waivers

Oregon Senior Option Waiver Request

Use this form to request participation in the Oregon Senior Option program. You must also complete a Grade Mode form.

Tuition Appeal

Use this form if you are appealing a previous tuition charge. Read the guidelines included on the form. Requests that do not conform to the guidelines will not be considered.

Graduation Forms

Graduation Application

Use this to request your certificate or degree. You may turn in the application up to two (2) terms prior to the term in which you will complete your degree.

Student Records Forms

Course Substitution

Use this form to request a course substitution.

Grade Mode Form

Use this form to request a Pass/No Pass or Audit grading option on a course where those options are allowed.

Incomplete Grade Contract

Use this form to request an incomplete grade and work with your instructor to define the terms of your course completion.

Non-Traditional Credit Request


Use this form to request credit from a variety of non-traditional sources. See the form for allowed options.

Prerequisite Override Request

Use this form to request an override from an instructor, including prerequisites and time conflicts. You may only receive permission to override from the instructor whose class you will be attending.

Release of Information

Use this form to release your information to a third party. CGCC cannot release any of your information without your authorization.

Student Record Petition

Use this form to request a change to your student record. This may include but not limited to late withdraw, exception to policies or deadlines, such as drop for non-attendance

Transcript Forms

Transcript Request Form

Use this form to request official (sealed) transcripts for yourself, or to be sent to a third party. Unofficial transcripts may be obtained through your MyCGCC account.

Veteran and Military Forms

Military Credit Request

Use this form to request credit for courses or other certifications obtained through the military.

Tuition Waiver for Dependents of Fallen and Disabled Service Members
Use this form to request a tuition waiver for the dependent of a fallen or disabled veteran.