Student Government

We are here for.....YOU!

Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) Associated Student Government officers are here to serve the students. We welcome your thoughts, ideas and concerns. We want to see you and talk to you. Our offices are located in the Student Life Center across from the Library in Building 1.


Our mission is to inspire and empower the students of CGCC. We will have a measurable impact on our campus and community through service and support.

  • Embrace individuality in our students.
  • Visible and accessible to students and staff.
  • Provide a positive environment to encourage success.
  • Our voice will advocate for our students.

What do we do?

We want to help to create a thriving student life at CGCC. We strive to be visible in the community through volunteer activities and events. We make sure to provide fun in the CGCC Student Life Center by opening the doors to encourage fellowship and friendship amongst CGCC students and staff. We are your liason between students and administration.

Want to find out more?

Visit our Facebook page for our current and past events. We will update this page with more very soon!